After over a year of talking about, planning, and implementing, Wabash now has an on-campus disc golf course. The new course now allows another activity for the free use of the Wabash student body and community. Not only is it a chance to spend time doing something new or for fun, but something that is rapidly growing nationwide and on-campus.

It is a 9-hole course (par is 3 on every hole) ranging from the doors of the Detchon Center to the path that connects Baxter Hall to Martindale Hall. There is no shortage of scenic appreciation throughout the way, as the beauty and challenges in playing in our arboretum are on full display. I was lucky to have some of my fraternity brothers join along. Nate Butts ‘23 is the Treasurer of the Disc Golf Course and disc golf enthusiast. In addition to Jonathan Gonzalez ‘24, who is new to the sport. However, he is quickly learning and playing as much as possible in his spare time.

Nate Butts ‘23 throwing from short range on Hole 9 of the new, Student Senate funded disc golf course. The course rewards technical skill and creativity.

Hole One:

The first hole is a tad longer than most of the others but a relatively straight shot to the hole. I prefer my forehand on drives, as do Butts and Gonzalez. As you would expect, the first hole did not play so easy with it being a new course and Gonzalez’s and my playing level. As we walked to the next hole, Butts emphasized how crucial the short game is in disc golf. “These make or break rounds. For layup shots, I don’t follow this, but I recommend for beginners that they focus on only one chain link, rather than the entire basket,” said Butts.

Score after Hole: Butts (-1) Mathis (E) Gonzalez (+1)

Hole Two:

“There is no real gap, you have to throw uphill, and there is a huge tree in the middle making things even more difficult,” said Butts. Along with that, we all quickly found out that hanging branches and the abundance of trees presented challenges that will require technical skill and some luck to maneuver. “Not exactly the best start [after another off-targeted drive], but I can’t let these first shots kill me,” said Gonzalez. It did.

Score after Hole: Butts (-1) Mathis (E) Gonzalez (+3)

Hole Three:

The walk from Hole 2 and Hole 3 allowed us to go through Petty’s Patch and the walkway showcasing the grandeur of Hays Hall with the sun setting in the background. The breakin play will allow players to take a a break and reevaluate the holes ahead. Gonzalez bounced back with a great second shot and secured par, while I shot my first bogey of the course.

Score After Hole: Butts (-2) Mathis (+1) Gonzalez (+3)

Hole Four:

The safe play almost guarantees a par like the last hole, but there are opportunities for more aggressive shots.

“I had no clue how to approach the hole going in. For this hole and for others, it seems that keeping your shot low away from the tree branch is best,” said Gonzalez.

Score After Hole: Butts (-2) Mathis (+1) Gonzalez (+3)

Hole Five:

Unlike any other hole, this one offered an exciting challenge for the beginners in the group – we could not see the hole.“Here, you have to choose for the right or left side of the trees. Midway, it is clear that the course is forcing you to try shots that you have never done before,” said Butts. The dangling tree branches and other elements are as much of a challenge as any deficiency in your game for this course.

Score After Hole: Butts (-2) Mathis (+2) Gonzalez (+3)

Hole Six:

This hole was a challenge for all of us with no drive landing in the fairway. “With only a couple of holes left, it seems that no hole is any easier than the last, and I like that with a smaller course,” said Gonzalez.

Score After Hole: Butts (-2) Mathis (+2) Gonzalez (+3)

Hole Seven:

HOLE IN ONE!!! for Butts.

According to Butts, this was only his second hole-in-one ever, and not one he foresaw happening. “I kept it low, trusted my forehand, and went with what I thought was working. It worked,” said Butts.

In our best attempts to follow that up, Gonzalez and I are more than content to say that we left the hole with another par for me and Gonzalez’s first birdie of the course.

Score After Hole: Butts (-4) Mathis (+2) Gonzalez (+2)

Hole Eight:

“My only complaint about the course, but if you have a group on Hole 8 and one on Hole 9, it is impossible to play at the same time. You have to wait for the other group to finish the hole,” said Butts.

Score After Hole: Butts (-4) Mathis (+2) Gonzalez (+2)

Hole Nine:

Although it is the longest hole of the course, it is by no means the most difficult.

“I felt so much better about where I was playing by the end than when I started. Some bad shots here and there, but there are opportunities to fix small mistakes and be more competitive,” said Gonzalez.

“The weather today was great. On my round, it always feels great to shoot the best in a group, but playing a course for the first time is never an easy thing to do,” said Butts.

Score After Hole: Butts (-4) Mathis (+2) Gonzalez (+3)

If you are interested in learning more or want to play around, there is a Disc Golf Club on campus. Contact Joshua Kramer ‘23 – jakramer23@wabash. edu and Nate Butts ‘23 – npbutts23@ if you are interested in joining and being part of future events.

Whether it was a joke or our shots, the disc golf course gave us a lot to be glad about. For beginners to dedicated players, it is well worth your time.