This upcoming Saturday night, after a year hiatus, the MXI will host the X-Tacy Poetry Slam. Those who attend will be treated to a series of live poetry performances. Poetry can be dramatic as well as humorous depending on the performer. Each contestant will be evaluated by a panel of three judges which results in a winner at the end of the event. The Return of X-Tacy will happen on Saturday, November 6 in Korb Classroom within the Fine Arts Center at 7 PM. The event features the poetic work of diligent Wabash students both from past versions of the event as well as those who are new to campus.

“Poets perform magic,” said Dr. Pavlinich, Professor of English and one of the competition’s judges. “They disrupt assumptions, challenge conventions, and weave audiences into their art.” A past performer of the event, James Love, said “It was better than expected” in response to the expectations of past versions of the event during his time here. While poetry may have a prestigious idealization around it, new attendees will be shocked by what more modern poetry sounds like. Dr. Pavlincich said, “their words echo in our minds days after the event.”

The Wabash community has participated and has been the focus of this event in the past. In response to what it means to have the community be a part of the event, Love said, “It means a lot that the community is able to participate and watch poets perform their works.” This has been the chief focus of the event and this Saturday should be no different. Love is a current senior and last participated in the event his sophomore year. He said, “I’m planning on approaching this as a kind of ‘last hoorah’ to show off my poetry and overall, just to have fun and a really lowkey and chill event.” In response to what he will expect this Saturday at X-Tacy, Dr. Pavlinch said, “I can’t wait to see what our resident Wabash poets conjure.”

The Malcom X Institute annually hosts slam poetry competitions that reward exceptional writing and performance.
Tyrone Evans ‘16 emcees and performs in the 2nd Annual X-tacy Event.