Q: President of the Sphinx Club. What does that position and its responsibility mean to you?

A: It means a lot to me that I am The Sphinx Club President. The Sphinx Club is an organization made up of student leaders, so to be selected as the leader of leaders is truly amazing, and I am blessed to be given this opportunity.

Q: What are your overarching goals as President? How does the Club’s Centennial factor into your vision for the next year?

A: One of my hopes as President is to be able to foster more campus unity with those who live in a fraternity and those who have the independent life. I also hope to coordinate an event with shOUT and do a unity walk with them like what was done with the MXI this year. Since it is the 100th year of the Sphinx Club, I, and many others are planning to have a big centennial celebration that incorporates bringing back Sphinx Club alumni.

Q: What things does the Club need to continue to do to stay as the leading student group on campus? And vice versa, what things need to change or adapt moving forward?

A: The Club needs to continue hosting TGIF’s and Chapel Talks weekly to keep tradition alive as well as promoting bonding with your brothers. What we should do better as a Club moving forward is attending other events sponsored by other groups at Wabash College. Going to these such events will not only make us feel more united as a College, but it will show that the Sphinx Club shows support in every club across campus.

Adam is known on campus for bringing everything he has in all facets of life, making anyone smile during an interaction, and a magnetic personality for all.
Adam is known on campus for bringing everything he has in all facets of life, making anyone smile during an interaction, and a magnetic personality for all.

Q: If you could describe your time as a Club Member in one word, what would it be?

A: Life-Changing. The Sphinx Club has taught me that the one of the most important skills a person can have is knowing how to demonstrate good emotional intelligence. This newly learned skill was life-changing for me. Knowing how to relate to others as well as effectively listening and communicating with others is a big part of emotional intelligence, so having this skill has helped me when I need to address something as president.

Q: Being a brother of Delt and a stellar student-athlete, what does being President of the Club signify at this point of your Wabash career? What does it mean now, and what do you hope it will mean when you look back at your time on campus?

A: I wouldn’t say that I’m a “stellar” athlete, but I do appreciate it. I would say being President has signified a high, if not the highest point in my Wabash career. Being selected to be in this position is exciting, but is also comes with some pressure. Maintaining a club that has been alive for the last 100 years as well as doing the best I can to foster campus unity can be a lot. Even with that being said, Wabash Always Fights, so I will do my best to show that this will be a high point in my Wabash career. I hope in the future, I will be looked at as a President who accomplished more and different types of unity events that the Sphinx Club continues for years after I am gone.

Q: Favorite Wabash tradition?

A: My favorite Wabash tradition is easily the midnight munch. Before Covid during my freshman year, Wabash Students would head into Sparks and we would all eat breakfast food that the professors made for us. All of the food slapped!

Q: For those interested in joining the Club, what would you say it means to you and why your fellow students should look to join? On the flip side, what do you say to those that are not interested or have a less than positive conception of the Club?

A: For those interested in joining the Club, I believe you should join it to see how much you can grow as a person, since that’s what the Club means to me. For those not interested in joining the Club, my first response would be “Why?” “Let’s sit down and have a conversation and maybe I can pick your brain a little on why you should join the Club and what it can do for you during your time here.” You have no idea how much of a growing experience something can be until you try it.