Bryce McCullough

Our team – Bryce McCullough ’23 as President, Ben Sampsell ’24 as Vice-President, Ian Rollins ’23 as Treasurer, and Sarvik Chaudhary ’25 as Secretary – is running because we want to represent ALL of campus – not just one fraternity. All clubs, organizations, fraternities, and independents deserve a seat at the table. We also WANT to do the work of serving you – and our team is the one that will show up and deliver.

Our mission is to create an active, engaging senate to create the best student experience possible. 

Wabash Student Government is on auto-pilot and you deserve better. We want to revive student life programming, improve funding management, and increase engagement. The current senate has over $80,000 allocated funds just sitting in clubs, and if those funds are utilized then we would have a deficit of over $12,000. We will ensure that your student activity fee doesn’t go to waste as it has currently and in the past. 

We must change how the Senate operates. Right now, Senators simply vote on budget proposals one day a week. We will place senators on committees as the actual legislature does. This will elevate the quantity and quality of Wabash activities, and students will see their leaders more actively involved in governing.  

We will strengthen cross-campus relationships by encouraging multi-club and multi-living unit activities and will look into bringing back trade dinners, which will help students get to know their peers.

We will push for the return of Carry-Out Crawfordsville. Imagine more consistent Movies on the Mall, Food Trucks, Trivia and Karaoke nights at Wally’s, cultural events, golf tournaments, and a talent show for philanthropy.

We will expand DEI and Mental Health work. We will ensure that cultural clubs have institutional support to help all people feel a sense of belonging on campus. Breaks should be a time for recharging, not homework. We will put pressure on the administration to give Wabash men the mental breaks we need. 

Every living unit should satisfy the needs of us, the students. The McCullough-Sampsell Campaign will advocate ensuring that all students have access to appropriate drinking water sources and entertainment equipment. You deserve a senate that will actively seek input from students throughout the year to make sure that all our changing needs are consistently met.

We are here to offer you active, transparent, and inclusive leadership you can trust to make the right decisions and listen to you. We have a diverse set of experiences that will enable us to make decisions for the good of Wabash as a whole. We are from different places, have multi-fraternity and independent representation, and have different political beliefs. But what unites us is our genuine care for people and for Wabash. 

It is time to hit the gas pedal and lead Wabash forward.

We would be honored to have your support and ask for your vote, as we achieve a better Wabash together.