The Wabash chapter of Delta Tau Delta will celebrate its 150th anniversary on Saturday, September 24, when current brothers and alumni will celebrate the chapter’s historic landmark. “We plan on having around 250-300 guests that consist of current students and Delt alumni, along with any guests that people decide to invite,” said Chapter President Jordan Reel ’23. “To celebrate 150 years of any organization is in and of itself a milestone that few can say they’ve reached. So to be part of something this special is something I’ve been very grateful for these past few weeks.” Reel reflected on the impact Delta Tau Delta has had both on campus and on the larger Wabash community.

“Not only have we helped grow conversations on campus about mental health awareness and promoting atmospheres where can be truly vulnerable, we have also had the opportunity to help establish solid rush classes across campus, build relationships with outside organizations, and help shape the future for what it means to be in a fraternity,” Reel said.This event isn’t just important for the current students. The anniversary also gives a chance for alumni, such as Nick Prihoda ’99, current Chapter Advisor for the Wabash Chapter, a chance to reflect on the fraternity’s impact.

“Being active and involved inside and outside of the fraternity has always been a priority of the chapter,” said Prihoda. “I think much of the impact Delts have made on the campus comes through everyday participation and leadership in trying to make the Wabash experience better, whether that’s in the classroom, clubs, athletics, the community or in the lives of individual Wabash men. This commitment leads to our members being in leadership positions like Adam El-Kahlili ’23, the Sphinx Club President, or Ben Sampsell ’24, the Student Body Vice President. It also translates to the Wabash Delt alumni who have served on the Board of Trustees, IAWM, Career Service advising and the six Wabash Delts who currently work for the College.”Prihoda also has high hopes for the future of Delta Tau Delta. “I hope we are able to continue to offer a productive and meaningful fraternity experience for young men at Wabash. In doing so, I’m positive we’ll continue to make an impact on young men, the Wabash community and the communities our members and alumni live in,” Prihoda said