Wabash College is known by its traditions, but perhaps no set of traditions is more important to Wabash than homecoming festivities. Between homecoming chants and the procession of Homecoming Queens, Homecoming 2022 is set to be great.Beginning with Homecoming Chants, Wabash freshman kicked off a week full of cheer with “creative and innovative” chants according to Sphinx Club President Adam El-Khalili ’23. Best among these groups was the group of freshmen at Delta Tau Delta, who took the Chants competition over second and third place Theta Delt and Beta.

On Wednesday evening, every fraternity house and independent living unit hung a massive banner for the entire campus to see. Some feature Wally with bulging muscles hunting a red bird or stomping on a can of Big Red soda. Every house puts together a valiant effort but one will rise above the rest.However, yesterday brought the crown jewel of Homecoming activities. As more than 160 fraternity freshmen and more than 30 independent freshmen took to the Mall in front of the Chapel, Sphinx Club members prepared to scream in their face and attempt to interrupt a seemingly-never-ending-loop of Wabash’s fight song, Old Wabash. Surrounded by their peers and brothers, the class of 2026 will belt Old Wabash to prove their allegiance to the brotherhood.

Tonight, upperclassmen from each house and a group of independent men will come together for a dodgeball tournament that will settle which group has the best upperclassmen and what house needs to wait for their freshmen to grow up a little.Capping off the Homecoming weekend on Saturday are two events. First, at the ripe hour of 8 A.M., the Sphinx Club will judge the floats that freshmen have put a week’s effort into. And at halftime of Saturday’s football game, Wabash students, alumni and parents will be entertained by the only halftime show Wabash offers, each house’s Homecoming Queen.Wabash’s Homecoming ceremonies have changed over the years, from changing what the red “W” on freshmen’s shirts means to eliminating the brawl between students at the greased pole, but Homecoming has always meant that alumni come back to meet and mingle with their classmates and the next generation of Wabash men to celebrate what makes this place so special.