“The Striped Sweater” | Photo by Jake Paige ’23

Look 1: “The Striped Sweater”

For me, spring (and the beginning of spring-like weather) marks the time when I put away winter’s darker tones and heavy materials and trade them out for their more colorful and lightweight counterparts. This look is meant to represent the sort of transition from winter to spring—with the use of familiar garments like a casual sweater and a pair of heavier vintage jeans—while introducing what I believe to be the essence and spirit of spring: tasteful use of color and contrast. The sweater in this look is also just slightly cropped, and the knit in general is very breathable. This look provides a bulkier silhouette, and aesthetically more vintage by my definition.

“A Pop of Color” | Photo by Jake Paige ’23

Look 2: “A Pop of Color”

I created this look that somewhat goes against the typical understanding of spring fashion by trying to use more black than another, more vibrant color. Still, this look utilizes a unique pattern comprised of geometric shapes and what appear to be brush strokes and some light use of color to make the pattern pop even more. Most important to this look, in my opinion, is the lightweight materials that were used to construct the pants and the top. This allows the wearer to be fully covered without being suffocated or overheated by the clothing. 

“Old School + New School” | Photo by Jake Paige ’23

Look 3: “Old School + New School”

This is my personal favorite look of my spring “collection,” featuring a pair of vintage high-waisted checked trousers and a relatively new buy from Forever 21’s last spring collection. This look was crafted to play with the pastel colors used in the top and the sort of optical illusion that the green checks provide. This pattern is similarly unconventional but provides an almost endless supply of complementary color combinations. The trousers are made of a slightly heavier fabric, but this is well balanced with the short sleeves and lightweight material of the shirt. (Fun fact: I had to take more than 6 inches in from the waist of these trousers for them to fit!)

“Timmy Turner” | Photo by Jake Paige ’23

Look 4: “Timmy Turner”

This look was about embracing the color aspect of spring fashion alone. Much simpler in its presentation and construction, this look features a ribbed pink polo and a pair of relaxed-fitting light-wash jeans. This look reminds me of Timmy Turner from “The Fairly Odd Parents” because of the pink shirt, but I think the use of this more vibrant pink with the more muted blue highlights the beauty of both colors and allows them to balance each other out. This is also a more comfortable silhouette and arguably would look great on anyone. 

“Back to Basics” | Photo by Jake Paige ’23

Look 5: “Back to Basics”

This look is about saying “screw it” to everything I said prior. This look does not strongly utilize any colors or patterns, and does not have a very distinct silhouette. If nothing else, spring is the time that we get to recover from the months of abuse from the wind and snow. That might just mean getting to wear a t-shirt with no jacket for an entire day and being happy with that. With that, this look features a plain black ribbed t-shirt and the same pair of jeans from the look prior. This look was conceptualized for those that don’t see themselves as fashionable or capable of being so and also a reminder that fashion should be whatever you want it to be.